Presentation of the 17th Annual Award for Leadership in Personalized Medicine

In April of 2003, pathbreaking genomics researcher Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, M.D., Ph.D., was among those who hailed the first sequencing of a human genome as a revolutionary moment for science and medicine.

Driven by the belief that humanity’s newfound understanding of the human genome can and should have an equitable positive effect for patients across the globe, Dr. Ginsburg dedicated the next 17 years of his life to the translation of genomic discoveries into improved patient care. As the Founding Director of Duke University’s Center for Applied Genomics & Precision Medicine, Dr. Ginsburg connected researchers from different fields to ensure that complementary scientific discoveries were combined to unlock their full potential to improve patients’ lives. Among other achievements, his visionary work at the Center helped catalyze the development of prototype diagnostics designed to distinguish between viral, bacterial, and fungal infections in patients with a fever. He also focused on using gene expression blood testing to replace more invasive procedures for some cardiovascular patients.

By demonstrating the potential of personalized medicine to improve patient care at a moment when the significance of new discoveries in genetics had yet to be determined, Dr. Ginsburg’s pioneering efforts helped inspire the development of a new generation of genetically based diagnostic tools. Those tools have since given us unprecedented insights into the genomic signatures of pathogens including Covid-19, enabled the genetically guided treatment of certain cancers, and brought new hope for answers to patients living with suspected rare genetic diseases.

After accepting the Personalized Medicine Coalition’s 17th Annual Award for Leadership in Personalized Medicine, Dr. Ginsburg, who now serves as the Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program, will share his views on the future of personalized medicine and patient care from his new vantage point.

  • Presenter

    Jay G. Wohlgemuth, M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President, Quest Diagnostics

  • Awardee

    Geoffrey Ginsburg, M.D., Ph.D.
    Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, All of Us Research Program, U.S. National Institutes of Health